GOC Goes to Stone Mountain

Post by Guest Blogger, Cathy Griffin (GOC Math Teacher)

The field trip to Stone Mountain was a blast!

Now, had you asked me if I felt that way while walking across a 3-inch board suspended by ropes about 30 feet off of the ground, I am sure I would have had a different answer!  I’m still not sure how I got talked into that one!

We started off our day with a train ride around the mountain, learning all kinds of great facts about the mountain. Did you know that what we see of Stone Mountain is just a fraction of what lies below the surface?

The Pow Wow exhibit was really fascinating.  Interestingly enough, there was an owl demonstration where we got to see several different types of owls and learn some facts about each of them. 


I think the students were fascinated with the stuffed animal skins such as an alligator, bear, and other small animals.

The 4-D Yogi Bear movie was another favorite.  If you have never experienced 4-D, it is well worth the time!

As one student stated, “This was the best Rich Experience so far.”

Students, if there’s something you’d like to share about the Stone Mountain trip, please leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “GOC Goes to Stone Mountain

  1. It was a great day! Ms. Griffin is correct about the 4-D experience. I had never seen a 4-D movie and didn’t know what I was missing. Who doesn’t love Yogi and Boo Boo!

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