Helping Our Community

Wow! The kids and faculty really came through!

GOC caresFriday is the last day we will collect donations. If you’re here for ITBS testing tomorrow, drop off a can. Or soap. Or TP – the really soft kind. :) Or anything!

We’ll put the wagon in the front lobby whenever we have a service opportunity. When you see it up front, you’ll know there’s some way you can help another person.

Thank you for caring!

Gwinnett’s Great Days of Service

Gwinnett County’s Great Days of Service is an annual event that benefits needy families in our area. We’ll collect items for two weeks, ending October 24.


Items needed:

all canned goods

non-perishable food items (peanut butter, mac & cheese, etc.)

baby items (diapers, wipes, etc.)


You can drop your donated items in the front lobby.

Thank you for helping our community!

Get Organized

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being you can’t even find a pencil right now and 10 being so organized Bill Gates would hire you to run his company) how would you rate your ability to organize your school life? buggy_scratching_head_md_wht

With so many activities going on in our lives these days, it can be a challenge to remember what’s due when.

The Week at a Glance tool is designed to help you organize your days. Week at a Glance

To use this tool properly, you’ll need to sit down Sunday evening or Monday morning and look in each of your 6 courses for the entire week. You can look at the course’s Checklist for each day or you can look at the teacher’s course homepage if they use their own version of week at a glance.

Use the key below to indicate what’s due each day.

LL – Learning Lab

DB – dropbox assignment due

SW – student workroom assignment due

T – test

Q – quiz

If a box is empty that means you still have a lesson to read, but nothing to turn in that particular day.

Your Week at a Glance might look like this:


Seeing your week like this can help you manage your time better. For example, if you have a tennis lesson, soccer practice, or Boy Scouts on Wednesdays, you might want soccer_boy_heading_sm_whtto work ahead because when looking at the Week at a Glance, you have a heavy day with four dropbox assignments and a Science test.


You can print a blank form each week, or put it on a dry erase board. Cross off the items as you do them.

Not every organization tool works for every student, but give this one a try. Commit to doing it for three weeks and see if you’re more productive with getting your school work done. You might find that you have more time to do the things you enjoy outside of school.

If you have a tool for staying organized or a study tip that works for you, please share it in the Comments box!




How to be the Group Member Everybody Wants

Wow! It’s hard to believe we’ve been in school almost 7 weeks already!

Time flies when you’re having fun! time_flies_wings_md_wht

And we had fun in 4th grade yesterday in our counseling lesson. The topic was: How to be the Group Member Everybody Wants or How NOT to be a Dubnoxious Beasty. (You’ll just have to ask your kid about that.)

We discussed the rules to good group work.

1. State the directions to be sure each group member understands the task.

2. Allow time to hear a suggestion from each group member.

3. When giving your suggestion, keep it brief so you don’t take up too much time.

4. Decide on the best idea by voting or some other fair method.

5. If your idea isn’t chosen, don’t pout.

6. Do your part to make the task successful. cricket_group_chased_by_frog_sm_wht

7. Ask the teacher for help if needed after you’ve tried it yourselves.

8. Forget about the past.

9. Treat everyone with kindness.

Then we watched some pretty funny group work thanks to a two-headed dad, Bertha, Gladys, and Louise. (You sort of had to be there, but your student can displain* it to you. Or you can get the book, Bully Goat Grim, from the library and read it together.)


I’ll discuss this lesson with the 5th grade students next week.

Have a great weekend!

*displain: explain, carefully and slowly


Being the New Kid

This week the 6th grade students and I talked about being the new kid. We added 40 new students to the 6th grade, so just about everyone IS the new kid!

Here are the tips we discussed for managing the new-kid status.

1. Be nice to everyone. You never know who might become your new BFF, so always be a little kinder than you have to be.giving_a_may_day_basket_md_wht

2. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Sit in a different seat in learning labs and get to know new kids. Come to the Rich Experiences! (Speaking of which… next Thursday owl_flying_slow_md_wht(9/11) we’ll have a visit from the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. It’s free and from 12:30-1:45 on campus. You’ll get to see live birds of prey!)


3. Do things that lead to success like asking for help when you need it and reading and following ALL the directions in your lessons.

4. Be confident in yourself. Recognize that you’re already learned A LOT of new woman_surfing_computer_mouse_md_whtthings. Just think about the new tech skills you’ve acquired! You’ve come a long way, baby!

5. It’s okay to miss your old friends. Stay in touch with them and plan a time to get together.

6. Be optimistic and expect good things to happen. Expect to do well academically and socially at GOC! Positive thinking leads to positive action.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to shaking off the new-kid feeling and feel right at home school!

If you have a tip you’d like to share, please leave it in the Comments box!



Got Happy News?

Wow! We’ve had a full week of school for our 4th-8th students and our high school students will begin on Monday!

The Middle Grades Advisement Team (Mr. Lollis and Dr. Edwards) taught an advisement lesson this week to all of 7th and half of 6th grades. We discussed limiting distracting behaviors (trying to multitask when we should be listening), email etiquette, and Collaborate Chat behavior. Mr. Lollis and I gave some pretty bad examples so be sure to ask your student about it.

We love to celebrate our students’ accomplishments. So, if you’ve got a picture or short video of your student doing something even semi-spectacular, we’d like you to share it with us. We’ll post it on the Celebrations pages of the blog.

Great job this first week, GOC students and teachers!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Welcome students!

We’re SO excited you’re at GOC!

We have a lot going on at the beginning of the year. Please take a look at the Orientation schedule below and be on campus on the appropriate days. These sessions are meant to help you have a successful year.

Grades 4th-8th

Wednesday Aug. 6   9:00– 12:30 New Student & Parent Face to Face Orientation

Thursday, Aug. 7      9:00– 12:00 New Student & Parent Face to Face Orientation

Friday, Aug. 8    Grades 4 – 5     9:00 – 10:30 New Student Home Virtual Meeting

Grades 6 – 8    11:00 – 12:30 New Student Home Virtual Meeting

Monday, Aug. 11       9:00– 3:00    New & Returning Students (Face to Face First Day of Class)

Tuesday, Aug. 12     9:00– 12:10  First Learning Lab Day


Grades 9th-12th

Thursday, Aug. 14   9:00– 12:00     HS Orientation for New Students & Parent Meeting

Friday, Aug. 15        12:30– 1:30     Home Virtual Meeting (New Students)

Monday, Aug. 18      9:00– 2:00       HS  First Day of Class (on campus)


I can’t wait to see you and hear all about your summer! If you’d like, tell us something cool about your summer in the Comments below!

See you soon!

Dr. Edwards


CRCT time!

I’m sure all of our GOC students and parents are aware that this week is CRCT testing.

Here are a few tips to remember:

  • get enough sleep each night. Testing begins at 9am each morning and it’s really important to be rested.
  • eat a healthful breakfast. This is not the time to skip breakfast. Nutritious breakfast cereals and bars are a quick morning meal. My kids love peanut butter on toast.
  • relax. Remember to take a deep breath and make positive statements to yourself. You can do this! When a question is difficult, do your best and move on.

We’re excited to get to see the students each day!

GOC Goes to the Dogs…Again!

animal shelter 116

The Service Club had a great time at the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter last Friday. This was our second time to go.

Officer Jackie gave us a behind-the-scenes tour and we got to see the shelter’s barn. animal shelter 128There were two pigs!

She also told a few interesting stories about calls involving exotic pets. Burmese python? No thank you!

animal shelter 132The animals appreciated the dog and cat treats the GOC students donated.

And one very lucky dog got a new home! Virginia has pic18661named him Jasper. I love it when we make new friends!


Tell us about your pet or experience at the Animal Shelter.